24 April, 2012

Romania: The India of Europe

Short introduction:
Romania is known as country with a high degree of knowledge in the IT departments.
From hackers to people that scam eBay buyers, from Microsoft, Apple and Google employees to important Romanian companies everyone recognized us.

But now, it all started going on a downward slope. The call center businesses that used to be outsourced in India, started being outsourced in Romania as well. Not the proudest part of the business but you can still make a honest living.

But yesterday I got the worst IT related job offer I've ever seen: being a gold farmer.
Link is here: http://www.ejobs.ro/user/locuri-de-munca/515580
Perfect candidate:
We're looking for professional gamers who want to make money from the game testing/gold farming activity.
Work place is in Bucharest.

Requirements: - English language, intermediate level;
- at least one year of experience in online games (optional Xfire account )
- age between 18 and 30
- game experience with at least one game developed by Blizzard(from the series World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Warcraft)
- testing on a similar game.

For more details and direct job applications: service@diablo3charms.eu
 This is rock bottom. You cannot go any lower. But still 125 people applied for this job.
Would you apply for a similar job?

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