24 February, 2012

Give us football

We don't want a Champions League winning team.
We don't want a Liga I Bergenbier winning team.

We just want a football team. One that creates dreams, that makes us suffer, exult, have a heart attack, hug the people around us, all in a single game.
We just want to sing, to jump, to shout, everything for our team and colors (blue and white, bianco azzurri, alb-albastru ).
 In fact, we don't want this. We need it.
We are mad. Mad about football.

We want to go home after games, on foot, singing and shouting, waving flags, after a measly 1-0 win against the last team in the league.
We want to celebrate. Our team. Football. The supporters. Everything.
We are better people with football, we are more passionate, more considerate, more loving, all thanks to having a team to support and to the beauty of football.  

I don't know who's fault it for the lack of football in Craiova: the owner's, the federation's, the league's... We don't care and it doesn't matter.


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