23 February, 2012

A loving letter

Dear RS200,

I'm sorry to tell you, but you were not Ford's best rally car. The Mk 2 Escort is so, so much deserving of our passion. The little sedan, with a short and narrow wheelbase and a soft suspension, is the stuff rally dreams are made of. It's like a Mini with a trunk/boot.

The way it corners, it sways around, the way it over-steers, the swaying motion of the suspension in corner... it shows flow, passion, life.

Just look at it through an S-curve... it's like a woman's hips walking towards you. Pure, unadulterated mechanical sound and moves. You cannot beat that. Sure, you are one of the most technically advanced Group B rally car, but that doesn't mean a thing. The coldness of the 4x4 system, the lack of body roll, the absurd numbers(speed, power, torque, acceleration) are all nice, but when it's all done, you don't see the heart in there.

It's like a lingerie model. Sure, she looks very pretty and many dream of her, but wouldn't you rather go home to the love of your life, that little, imperfect for others but perfect for you, wife of yours?

A very, very happy fan,
PS: Don't be sad, we still love you for what you are.

Below, a lovely video of Group B rally cars, filmed 5 days ago, in Belgium, via Jalopnik.

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