12 February, 2013

Lazy car post

I know I've been lazy and haven't written in a while. But I'll make up for that. By being even more lazy and copying one of my comments from Jalopnik over here.
What sparked my comment was this video:

So, here it is:
Hell yeah! This car was made to put a smile on your face, to make your heart rate go over the speed limit of a highway (in km).
 If you're not allowed to have fun in a $1.000.000 car, then why the hell would you buy it? Go, hoon the shit out of it. Enjoy it. You did work for it. You've earned it.
Don't put it in a garage and let it there gather dust and rust. Don't. It's an insult to the engineers that worked to design, manufacture and improve the car.
 Want a pretty car for you nice collection to look at? Buy Hot Wheels. Or buy advertising. Tons of nice art featuring cars.
 Cars should be treasured and valued for the purpose they were built for. They were built to move you from here to there, more or less faster.
It's just like the idiots who buy a nice phone for the design, but then they add an ugly ass bumper case to it, or an "old man" leather pouch/carrying case, because they don't want to scratch it. Then why would you buy it? Why hide the particularities of your precious item?
 They should make car buyers for Alfas, Pagani, Maseratti, Ferrari, Aston Martin and other pretty cars, sign a contract that obliges them to drive on the public roads at least 2-3 times a week. Make it as a public service. We're tired of looking at all those grey cars, grey trucks, grey buildings, square lines, etc. We need to see something pretty. Something to bring a smile on your face.

Make it like when a country sells old castles (or various works of art), where they make the buyer use the castle as a museum (or in the case of the works of art: have them shown from time to time at public art galleries).

You could even have UNESCO make the cars part of their "World Heritage" program. Cars are actually world heritage. They define our culture. They are an integral part of our life. So don't screw it up.
A jalop

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