12 November, 2012

Tractors - Making your week better since the 1900's

I  would've never thought that I would ever enjoy watching someone drive a tractor. Well, besides when I was 10 and I was fascinated with everything that had an engine in it.

But THIS, this made me so happy watching it.. It's the kind of unconscious joy that you rarely feel, that fills your heart and puts a smile on your face, no matter how miserable you feel. 

Also, a bonus for all you car porn lovers:  a tractor with a Jaguar V12 engine. A sound that could melt glaciers.

Both of them are from the nordic countries: first one from Sweden and the second one, as the more vexillological inclined of you may have noticed, from Norway.

Thanks go to the amazing people from Jalopnik (both the editors and the community)!


  1. There was a discount on Farming Simulator 2013 on Steam :)) (stiu ca nu despre asta-i vorba, dar na :P)

  2. L-am cumparat pe iPhone. :)) Am jucat pana si Roadworks Simulator. E pentru "brain dead people", dar asta il face atat de fun. :))

  3. Tractor Racing looks fun as hell :))